Hello everyone,

Hope you're all enjoying your holidays!
As I have a little extra time to work on my CarPC i decided to finally do the right thing and design a single ended to differential converter for my BMW3. The reason I need this is to drive the factory amp as if it were the headunit. I used to use a simple 1W stereo amp I made out of TDA 7053A, but that only gives 1Vp-p so not quite enough to drive the amp nicely (and it's a pretty poor quality IC). So I opened up the factory headunit and looked at the parts they used. I've made a PCB for this thing and will try it in the car soon. But I already know I need to make several tweaks to the PCB, etc. and was wondering if anyone would be interested in buying one of these (since it's cheaper for me to order a bunch of PCB)? I don't have a price in my mind yet, but something around $40 (which is just over the cost of materials). If you are interested, let me know and I can post some specs and more details on the parts I use, etc.

Happy holidays!