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Thread: Audio thru Stock HU

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    Audio thru Stock HU

    Ok, my first CarPC install will be accompanied by my first Mp3car post. I have worked with computers for a long time and know them well, but cars are newer to me.

    Well, anyways, I want to run the audio from my MII-12000 into my stereo, but I want to keep my stock HU (for radio and appearance purposes). I have a 2000 Maxima with the Bose system. I am wondering if I can cut the speaker wires behind the dash, take the speaker wires from the HU, run them into the line in on the motherboard, and then run the line out from the mobo into the speaker wires. This would put the CarPC between the HU and the speakers.

    Can this be done or do I need to remove the HU altogether?

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    I did some more research and now I realize that in order to get 4.1 audio I have to use both the green and blue plugs as outputs. If this is the case then how can I bring in audio from the HU (HU audio only needs to be 2-channel as FM radio is only 2-channel)? Could I use the green and blue as line outs and the red as a line in?

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