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Thread: Pioneer CD-UB100 USB-adapter

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    I have been using the CD-UB100 for about a week now hooked up to a 160Gb Toshiba via a Y usb cable with an additional power supply from a cheap cigarrette lighter:

    Since then I have noticed scattering and short interruptions on some songs thinking that this might be a result from a damage of my new HDD being already exposed to hostile environment in the car. However when played back this very same songs seem to scatter differently each time which in my opinion could be more related to long cables rather than the HDD itself (tried with a 1Gb memory stick and was ok). Will try next weekend to connect the HDD's own usb cable directly to the UB100 until then any ideas what could be the problem?

    A few words about the sound quality from CD-UB100 - I have noticed a huge difference between one and the same song played by the head unit (DEH-P88RS II) and the UB100. You all should know that UB100 feeds an analogue signal to the head unit thus using it's own D/A converter. This kind of sucks when you're really into SQ with a good 24bit receiver. It sounds somehow rough and lacks the smoothness in comparison to the CD player, as if some frequencies (2khz-4khz) are having a peak among others. Pioneer could have done better I believe!

    PS: As far as compatability goes all head units that have the letter "P" in the model number are ok.

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    Sound Interruptions


    The sound interruptions are caused in the IP-Bus cable (analog connection) between CD-UB100 and your headunit. That’s for sure. It cannot be because of a hard disk malfunction or USB connection interruption between HDD and CD-UB100, either way they’ll result to error, and sound playback will stop. One other thing I’ve learned from this post is even when you have an external power source attached to your hard disk, you can’t use a long USB cable, because then though spinning fine, the HDD won’t be detected. Again I emphasize, in case of a USB connection interruption, playback will not be interrupted and then resumed, it will result an error, and playback will stop, like when the HDD is not detected!

    Your problem is with the analog section, in the IP-Bus cable, between CD-UB100 and the head unit, where three pins (L, R, G) carry the analog sound produced by CD-UB100 to the head unit.

    Because you’ve got a high-quality head, what you've noticed about the sound quality difference between when the same file is played on internal CD player or on CD-UB100 is justifiable, because according to this you paid for two MP3/WMA/AAC decoders, a high-quality one inside your head, and a low-quality one inside the USB adapter! Maybe when DEX-P99RS with its internal USB port is around, better sound quality will be produced through USB thumb drives and HDDs.

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    Every Pioneer head with a "P" before its numeric model designation is able to support CD-UB100. The only difference is with the characters shown on different models' displays. As described here, you'd see one of the following:
    1. “USB F###” for folders and “USB T###” for tracks
    2. 8 characters of the info for folder, track, title, etc.
    3. 64 characters of the info, plus the ability to list.

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