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Thread: Unusual amp shut off problem....please help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by durwood View Post
    Check to make sure the impedance of your speakers matchs the impedance of the amp. If you have them wired as a 2 ohm load and the amp only rated for 4 ohms, that will cause the amps to go into protection mode too.

    Alos, like the rest of them said, check to make sure all connections are secure.
    This boys onto it . My guess is that the 6*8 is not a 2 ohm speaker there are not many if any that are ,unless you have them in parallel, most are 4 ohm while house stereo are 8 ohm *(i believe) your amp will be overloading .

    I dont think its a wiring problem or you would more than likly get a interference with your sub amp just a spk prob, but check your conns anyway. RCA's wont shut an amp down they only transfer the audio signal,

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    Quote Originally Posted by lifemalfunction View Post
    First off, is your amp stable for 2ohm stereo? Secondly I would be checking the connections at the crossovers and the speakers, one little short is all it takes.

    they SHOULD be the same size as the power with SOLID connections.
    lol, I know that, I was just making sure the OP had that, could be a reason for his/her troubles...

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    i have just installed a new stereo in my 87 chevy wit 2 kicker tvt 12s with type s 6x9's and type r 61/2's i have 2 planet audio amps one 2 channel 500 watt for my subs and a 4 channel for my spakers i was playing music setting my amps then the next day when i came home i went in to listen to some music but when i turned up the volume eveyrything shutoff my headunit then came back on but my amps have not come back on since does any 1 know what could be wrong???

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