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Thread: alpine iva-d300 question about wireing

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    alpine iva-d300 question about wireing

    does any one know how to put those over ride switches on this 7" tv so that i dont have to have the emergency brake on? plz help

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    Don't most units like that look for ground on the ebrake wire? If so, connect it directly to ground. If it's looking for +12v, maybe connect it to an acc power lead? I've seen several threads on this subject. here, try the
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    Here's a diagram

    I found the manual for the IVA-D310. I'm sure it has the same devices for safety. It explains how to wire them and what colors the wires are. It seems you would need two switches and flick them on and off in the correct pattern for this to work. Perhaps some one rather skilled in electronics could create a device for this that does the switching automatically. Or perhaps one already exists. I know there is one for the newer Pioneer head units but I didn't come across any in my quick searching. But don't take my word for it. Here's the pages from the manual. Also, here is the link from Alpine's website to the entire manual (over 11mb!)
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    Yeah I Think That Is How It Is Done With Two Switches But I Dont Know How To Wire Them Or What Code To Use With The Switches

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    you can do it with the switches but for like $20.00 you can get the bypass module, I switched to this and you never have to worry about flippin switches
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    ^yeah. just get the PTR7 from peripheral electronics. connect the red wire on the PTR7 to Acc12V,black to ground, green to the remote wire on the alpine (blue/white), white to parking brake wire (yellow green) and blue to foot brake wire(yellow/blue) you don't have to program it. the factory default is programed for alpine bypass.
    if you want to do a switch:then connect the yellow/blue wire to the foot brake wire in your car and connect the yellow/blue wire to ground (with a toggle switch) the procedure is : step on the brake and then flip the switch on.

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