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Thread: CarPC radio reception: PC tuner or head unit?

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    CarPC radio reception: PC tuner or head unit?

    I know I will get better reception with a head unit tuner compared to a USB or PCI FM tuner but are the complications of using a head unit worth it?

    A USB or PCI tuner will integrate very well with a CarPC and the software whereas a headunit will have to be connected to the auxiliary input of the soundcard. If I am planning on hiding the PC and head unit, how would I tune in different radio stations? Would I have to have access to the head unit as the only way to do this?

    I plan on istalling my CarPC into a Ford Focus ZX3 and having a 7" touchscreen replace the factory HU in the dash. Where would I be able to mount a head unit so it would still be accessible? The glove compartment?

    I wish the HQCT was cheaper (might have to bite the bullet anyway and get it) or that the USB or PCI tuners worked better.

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    Just go with the HQCT.

    Just about every USB dongle out there has very poor reception while in motion (ie. 60 mph down the highway)

    As with just about everything out there, you really do get what you pay for.
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