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Thread: sub ohms

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    sub ohms

    hi there i am not to good when it comes to audio systems so help is much appriciated...

    i have 2 12" dvc directed 500wrms 750w output subs in the pics below what ohm r they configured to 2 or 4 i havent a clue?there is a cable running outside the box to each terminal?

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    That is the strangest way to wire two subs together I've ever seen.

    From those pictures we can't even tell if they are wired in series or parallel, I'm guessing parallel, but that is nothing more than a guess since I can't see which terminal is positive and which is negative.

    The resistance depends both on the subwoofer and how they are wired. You need to tell us how many voice coil each subwoofer has, what resistance each coil has, and how the coils are all wired together. Without knowing that there is no way to tell the total resistance.

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    ...or just grab a multimeter, set it to resistance (20Ω is plenty) and check the resistance on each terminal.

    You can also check the resistance of each coil and then wire them however you wish.
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