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Thread: XM Direct Sound Quality?

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    XM Direct Sound Quality?

    I just installed my CarPC and got it all up and running. My mp3's off the hdd are crystal clear, but when i listen to audio from XM it sounds pretty crappy. There's no high end clarity and its very bass heavy. I've plugged in some speakers directly into the RCA outputs of the XM direct unit and it sounds the same. Is this the quality that comes out of these units? I had an XM roady in my last car hooked up through a tape adapter and it was light years ahead of the XMDirect unit in sound quality.

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    do you have digital inputs on your soundcard? if so there is a hack for the xmdirect that will give you digital output...that may help you in your sq quest.
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    No, no optical inputs. But i mean, my little roady via a cassette adapter provided much better sound. No one else has any sound quality issues with their XM direct box?

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    The sound quality coming out of the XM Direct vs. the Rodie should be equivalent. On my system mp3s and other media sound better because they don't use all the compression that XM uses.

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