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Thread: camaro wiring

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    camaro wiring

    i recently got a 2002 camaro (just the v6 unfortunately) and it has the base stock system and speakers still in it (front 2 seem to be blown)

    it doesnt have the far rear 4" speakers that some do, however

    i have two nice infinity 6x9's from my grand am, is there any way i can wire these in and just use some 6x9 boxes to hold them in the back? how could i do this? without an amp

    thanks for the help

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    Are you looking to replace your deck as well?

    Most likely it would not be recommended to hook up those far rear speakers without an amp. This is because depending on how those are wired up the impedance would be to low, causing the deck to overheat because aftermarket decks require an impedance of no less than 4 ohms. Or the impedance may be too high, causing the output to the speakers to be softer sounding than desired.
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    I put 6X9 Alpines in the "saleplane" to the left and right of the rear seats. I re-routed the speaker wires that originally went to the little mexican rear speakers that offered a full response.
    They worked fine and the 6X9 were full range. Now however
    they are dead...its not related to doing this but I think there is
    some kind of problem in the wiring from the head unit though I have not discovered the problem yet.

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