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Thread: Monsoon (VW) I'm sure it's been answered but......

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    are u still working on the stereo issue

    I have spent alot of time working on this issue because my wife had to have this car and now I have the privlige of driving it... let me know if you are still working this issue...

    Quote Originally Posted by fuelrat View Post
    I have a question about the 2003 VW Jetta Monsoon Stereo! I found a thread here while googling but the last reply was quite some time ago.

    Okay here goes..... I am really disappointed in the sound quality from the Monsoon system. Any info regarding deck, speaker, or any combiniation of after market parts swaps would be appreciated.

    Please if any one has upgraded their Monsoon.....REPLY!!!!

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    Hey I was reading your post and I was thinking that you might know how and what wires to splice on a factory amp? I have a 04 jetta 1.8t and I want to put my system in but keep the HU I have everything I need I just don't no if I should splice into the factory amp with a high to low converter or splice into the speakers but ether way I don't know what colors to splice into. If you can help me that would be great. Thank you.

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