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Thread: Sound "clicking" problems with my new carpc

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    Sound "clicking" problems with my new carpc

    Hi guys,

    My carpc is ready! hurray, I will soon post pictures and specs of everything,
    before I do that I'd like to make sure everything works smoothly...

    I have some problems with my sound card output,
    I have a plain USB soundblaster ("digital music" or "LX") connected to my laptop via either onboard USB (1.1) or the pcmcia usb adapter I purcahsed (usb2)

    The soundcard is connected to Clarion DVH 940 sound processor using the optical spdif output from the soundcard.
    I needed to Create my own TOSlink head in order to connect the soundcard to the clarion processor, the head looks ok but the fiber looks a bit dark,
    the sound arrives but it clicks, especially on "loaded" music.

    I will make some experiments later on today and try different sound sources and the analog output from the sound card to try and eliminate the USB factor, the sound card factor and to see if it's the toslink,
    neverthelss - if anyone has encountered such problems in the past I would very much like to hear about it...


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    Clicking... like you can hear the harddrive head move? maybe try to disable/mute all the channels you don't use, especially the "Line In" or "Microphone" channels.
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    It's similar to the clicks you hear on scratched CDs, sounds like digital information loss, another reason to suspect the digital information loss (IE: my home-made toslink) is the fact that when there is no music played - everything is quiet, the more complex the music I hear (in terms of bandwidth) the more clicks I hear.
    The music is played from my ipod, so the spinning HD is the ipod's drive anyway...


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    The same clicking sound appears from the analog outputs as well! this is NOT the home-made toslink end's fault.
    When I connected the onboard minijack output to the analog input of the clarion the sound was clicks-free, this is either the USB interface or the sound card itself.
    I took the carpc off the car so I could try and diagnose it at home, I did use this card in the past and I am sure I did not have such annoying "clicks"... This is odd.

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