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Thread: Optical Out on name brand stereos

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    Optical Out on name brand stereos

    Hello All,

    Have a question. I want to use a name brand in dash dvd/am/fm player in my car as my main head unit. Looking into JVC units since they have many models and are affordable. Most of them have optical digital outs for DTS/Dolby Digital sound.

    But my question is, to get that sound, where do I send the optical out to?
    I understand it would need to goto some kind of sound processor. For example, JVC has the head units, but they do not make a seperate sound processor that I know of or have seen on their website. So, are there any type of sound decoders out there in the market that would work?

    Any info would be great. I am debating on getting a regular JVC in dash dvd player with optical out vs. one of thier all in one units with the decoding built in.


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    and any dac (minus usb dacs) will have either an optical or coax digital input
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    at this point, just trying to save some money by going with a JVC unit isn't really going to save you any money because you'll need to go with an outboard processor.

    At this point, the optical out doesn't matter that much.
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