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Thread: Where do most of you get wiring diagrams?

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    Where do most of you get wiring diagrams?

    Not yours, but the factory wiring diagrams for cars. I could never find anything for my 1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport (Infinity System), and it was such a hassle working without one.

    Just curious to know if there is a specific pool of information or diagrams about most common cars.

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    I have a jeep grand cherokee so I use not sure if it would have helped you but they have illustrated step by step removal instructions. Although it's not complicated it's nice to know where all the screws are.

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    audio system diagrams or general wiring?

    If you know how to use a multimeter you can pretty much figure that out audio without a diagram. For remote starter/alarms DEI has but its more for dealers. Then there is a company called Alldata for just about anything (mechanical/electrical) I think. Again that one is for repair shops and such so you have to pay to use it.

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    for my car I joined They provided teh diagrams.

    Oneof the first things I do after buying a car is go ahead and buy the haynes or chilton manual for $15. Its not 100% accurate for you're model but it helps alot. Then I go after the Factory service manual in PDF or physical copy on ebay if it's cheap.

    Also look to see if theres any clubs/forums for your car. If there is you can usually get every diagram free. If not expect to pay $5-$30 per diagram.

    As for you, there are acouple good jeep forums out there. When I had a ZJ I was constantly here
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    If you need a vehicle diagram just send me a PM. No one should have to pay for a diagram.
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    Quote Originally Posted by proph View Post
    If you need a vehicle diagram just send me a PM. No one should have to pay for a diagram.
    you wouldnt happen to have a diagram for a vdub 2001 jetta??

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    Here are the radio wiring diagrams for a 2001 VW Jetta. Both with Monsoon and without.


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    2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport

    Hey guys,

    New to the forums but im trying to install an Alpine head unit into the hole in my dash where my old one was before it was stolen. I have all the needed wires but I need to know which color wires are for what as far as the stock wire harness goes. They cut the connectors out so I just have loose Jeep wires with no labels hanging.

    If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated!


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    I have a program that I have bought that has all the details in it for Stereo and remote/keyless/starter installs.

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