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Thread: Vy commodore dashboard removal

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    Vy commodore dashboard removal

    Hi i was wondering if anyone could help me with some information on how to get to the back of the head unit of my vy commodore series 2 or if any one has a break down diagram or where i could down load one from it would be much appericiated cheer's

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    right its been a while but.

    1. you;ll need radio keys to remove the radio.
    2. remove gear shift surroung, theres a screw down where the cig lighter socket is, the rest are clips from what i remember, there are two screws there.
    3. drop the cover under the steering wheel where the fuse box is. i think there are two screws there.
    4. remove the flat cover on top of the dash, above the radio, under there they will be two screens.
    5. after this you should be able to pull it out, as it will be held in by clips. Dont forget to disconnect the Air con blugs and hazard switch conncectors on the back side.

    like i said its been a while, but thats what i can remember form working in police vehicles, if you break anything its not my fault!!!

    let me know how you go.

    oh one thing to bear in mind make sure you have the radio code as you'll need to re-enter if the radio ever goes back in.

    good luck.

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    Thank's mate see how i go ill let u know

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    I saw an article where a bloke used a coathanger instead of the tool to remove the radio. He just fashioned them into the shape of the tool.

    If that is what you are referring to ...

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