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Thread: XM Radio & M10000 - Need another soundcard?

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    XM Radio & M10000 - Need another soundcard?

    I did some searches and didn't really come up with anything...

    I am using the M10000 mobo and have the 3 outputs in use right now. I just finished making my XM cable with universal receiver and using FrodoSat 3...

    The XM requires the use of 1 "line-in" input...I had to unplug my subwoofer output to use XM...

    Is there a way to still use my current mobo without having to lose my subwoofer output to use XM?

    I am sure another soundcard is in line, but I couldn't come up with any sounds either...

    Who's using XM here and what hardware/software are you using?

    Thanks in advance!
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    An external sound card might be what you are looking for. I had luck with one of the usb creative labs sound cards untill I went optical.
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