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Thread: Problem with my head unit.

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    Problem with my head unit.

    That is my head unit.

    I have had this for over a year, now and everything has been working fine.

    I originally had subs hooked up in my car and everything ran fine, but then my head unit died out like it did just today. After a lot of fussing and trying different things, I took it to my mechanic. He fixed it, but also fried my REM wire. After that, I took out my subs and had my car running fine and the head unit working great for about 8 months. Now, I recently hooked up new subwoofers with a new amplifier and they were working great. I took them out, and a week or so after, the head unit stops working.

    When I hit the eject button for the CD player, you can hear the motor running, but no lights show up. There is nothing functioning on the head unit.

    I know there is a fix to this, because it happened to me before. Anyone familiar with this scenario? Please help!

    In case you were interested. 1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport with Inifinity System.

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    Once more:

    This is a forum that covers car-pc's in the install....

    There might be someone that can give you an answer, in the long run... But you're better off asking your question at a car-audio dedicated forum for a quick answer.

    And yes, we know this is a car-audio subforum, But that is overall dedicated to audio-installations that contain car-pc.
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