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Thread: How would you wire in an amp and subs without rca outs?

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    How would you wire in an amp and subs without rca outs?

    hey guys,

    i want to put an amp and sub in my buick but I'm planning on still using the stock radio. It doesn't have rca outs so what are my options?

    I have heard run the signal to the amp from the rear speakers (left rear speaker positive, right rear speaker negative) and then use a low pass filter or a crossover.

    Is that my best option?



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    If you want to run the signal from the radio, use the wires from the front speakers. The best thing is to use a LOC - level output converter - that will give you the rca outs.
    Here is how they look like:
    PAC OEM-2
    PAC SNI-35
    Scoshe, tsunami and other make LOCs as well, it seems that the PAC is a good quality.
    Check ebay as well.

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    ah, thank you very much!!! the 2nd one looks easier to use! haha.

    Can you explain how that would work? Do I splice into my front speakers?

    I still plan on running the front speakers (2 tweeters, and 2 - 6 1/2 inch components) and the rear speakers (6x9's) off the factory hu



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