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Thread: PC to Amp Issues - Distorted sound

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    PC to Amp Issues - Distorted sound

    Hi Guys

    I have an Audi S3 (Bose amplified)

    I have purchased the audio harness to convert the standard head unit connector to 4xRCA input so the sound goes to the amp. i have tested by hooking up a Sony Head Unit to the RCA's and playing a CD - works fine.

    However from the PC output the sound is very distorted and only comes out of the sub. no matter what RCA i connect it to it just comes out of the sub.

    Is this because the PC outputs an amplified signal? and not a preout? I.e Low and high level inputs - can i convert the high to a low? are there any external sound cards that have a low output (think the onboard is crap anyway) what about a head unit with a 3.5mm jack aux in that also has 4x RCA pre outs for an amp.

    How can i get round this.


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    so yeh, maybe the PC sound output is too low? 2v i read yet i may need 5+v to drive the amp.

    would a line driver help

    such as the

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    yeah you need to use high level inputs to your amp if you do not have any you can buy a level converter. You could try and turn the wave volume level way down within windows, so then using your front end your end up changing the main volume level, this may help.

    you may also wanna check the settings on your amp.

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    The computer outputs low level signal. You should be able to connect the output of your soundcard directly to RCA jacks of your amp. I don't understand how you have your computer connected to your stock radio. You never mentioned that. You need to provide more info.

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    hi guys, i have the following harness adaptor.

    i had plugged the 2 rca's from the pc into just the rear connectors for the harnes and sound was awful as it was in any other combination.. i have purchased some rca Y adaptors and sent L to FL RL and R to FR RR

    works ok - tho onboard sound is crap.

    must have been a grounding issue maybe?

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