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Thread: Digital Crossover and EQ

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    Alright durwood, thanks for the info and the update. I'm new to the advanced sound quality stuff. I know plenty about installation and basic theory, but I've never really delved into advanced tuning and software. Thanks again for the help.

    Hopefully all this work will pay off, I just got these new speakers and want to get the most out of them.

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    Your are correct - DRC and convolution is not for the faint-of-heart. And, it certainly would be of no use in competitions. So, I agree that the approach is not for everyone. But, if someone really wants to get an understanding of acoustics, digital signal processing, and measurement, then this will do it.

    If one has a computer in his car, then his music can be processed realtime, and doesn't have to be converted in advance. With no car computer, he can get the same effect by pre-processing his music.

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    ^I agree.


    I finally got this guide put together. It's a little rough but it should get you started. I might have to refine some of my wording a bit but hopefully this should help.

    BenOS- If you are out there here is your guide too

    You can discuss this method down i the wiki section of the forum.


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