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Thread: slot ported box help

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    slot ported box help

    hey im new here ive searched everywhere and didnt really understand much of what they were saying
    im planning on getting
    2 Clarion SRW1283 DVC 12" subs
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    * Polypropylene Cone

    * Rubber Surround

    * Dual 4 Ohm Heat Resistant Voice Coils

    * Rear Vented Pole Piece

    * Large Strontium Ferrite Magnet

    * Rubber Magnet Cover

    * For Small Sealed or Small Vented Design

    * Recommended Sealed Enclosure Size (Unfilled): 1.5 cubic feet

    * Recommended Sealed Enclosure Size (Filled): 1.25 cubic feet

    * Recommended Vented Enclosure Size: 2.25 cubic feet (Port Size = 3" I.D., 6"Length)

    * Power Handling: 300 Watts Continuous, 600 Watts Peak

    * 4 Ohms per Voice Coil

    * Sensitivity: 81dB

    i wanted to know if these were any good and how and what kind of dimensoins to make a slot ported box or if there are any good websites that can tell me

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    Here ya go
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