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Thread: Anyone know of a good pair of 6.5" speakers?

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    Anyone know of a good pair of 6.5" speakers?

    Hey, I'm looking for a decent pair for 6.5" speakers for my car doors, Some where around 150-300 RMS, Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance

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    Dave, you have to understand a couple things:

    1 - is all about instlaling PCs in vehicles. It's not a general purpose car audio information site. You are far more likely to get a timely response on a forum that caters specifically to car audio.

    2 - There are literally hundreds of models of 6.5" speakers. I suggest going to a major car audio reseller like Crutchfield or CarDomain and compare makes/models to narrow your search down to a few makes/models.
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    we'd need a budget too. also let your ears do the judging not your eyes. you can read every review on the web and it you may still not like the way the speakers sound. go to a car stereo shop, take a few cd's that you're very familiar with and listen listen listen.
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    Please see this stickey, it will give you many options on forums to check out for reviews. Have Car Audio Specific Questions?

    However, I'm with Scott. Go to the shops and listen to them for yourself.
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