Greetings all, I have organized a Booth about "Automotive Open Source" for the Southern California Linux Expo, to be held at the Hilton Los Angeles Airport from January 20-22, 2012. See for more information about the Conference. I have 9 free passes to the entire meeting to give away to folks who will help staff the booth on Saturday 1/21 and Sunday 1/22. I am also organizing a carpool from the SF Bay Area and room-share.

The totally non-commercial purpose of the booth is to promote open source software and open hardware standards in cars. If you live in the L.A. area and will be travelling to SCALE and have an automotive "open" project, please consider displaying and demoing it in the booth! If you have a small business with a product that might be of interest to the automotive open source community, please considering demonstrating that as well. If you are part of a local group that would like to publicize its activities through the SCALE exhibit, please participate in the booth! If you cannot attend but have flyers, CDs, posters, etc. that you like to distribute or show, please contact me. So far GENIVI and likely Linux Foundation will present material and I will try to show off tripzero's nobdy and mal's libobd software. If you would simply like to meet other open source automotive enthusiasts and hang out in the booth, I'd be happy to offer you one of the free passes.

-- Alison Chaiken, [email protected]