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Thread: Music Player bug

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    Music Player bug

    I've known about this one for awhile, but just remembered to actually track it down tonight.

    If the music is paused and you use the next or previous track buttons to change the track, the play/pause button would change to the pause image (to indicate that it is playing even though it's not) it would not play music until you used the play button in iTunes.

    I have put a fix into the source code, so 1.0a10 will have it whenever it gets released. In the mean time, try not to change tracks while the music is paused. If you do, all you need to do is hide CFE (Menu -> Hide) and press the play button in iTunes, then bring CFE back to the front.

    While I was at it I also added some new fields to the music player to show the current track index and playlist track count information (e.g. "15 of 541").


    P.S. Anyone else notice that I seem to be working more on CFE since I said I wouldn't be working on it for awhile?
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    keep up the good work.... it's appreciated

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