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Thread: Is this project still alive?

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    Is this project still alive?

    Is this project still alive?

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    From the creator (iamgnat) in Feb of 09:

    As is probably obvious at this point, I haven't been doing anything with the code and like many Mac front-ends before it, it has atrophied.

    I apologize for being yet another one of "those" developers, but between not spending time working on the code and electrical issues with my Escape, i'm calling it quits.

    Since i'm also not going to be around MP3Car much anymore, i've also made sure my prefs allow for emailing me. If you find problems with CarFrontEnd, let me know via email and i'll be happy to help out.

    Or better still, if you want to take it over I'll be happy to talk to you about transferring it over.


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