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Thread: Pixel Qi display DIY upgrade kit now available

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    Quote Originally Posted by RipplingHurst View Post
    I actually like the size, but how can I make it work with VGA/DVI?
    I am still researching that. I was hoping that the Digital View ALR-1400 would support it but I emailed their tech support and they said that they don't support it.

    I am looking at other options like motherboard with LVDS support, some Commell and Advantech have motherboards with LVDS output.

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    the company mentioned in this thread might be able to help with the lvds/vga/dvi controller board issue:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Penzance View Post
    Another update from the Pixel Qi folks - from their blog - they are developing a 7" screen next, and are gearing up for mass production.

    * Wide view angle screens planned for production this winter (2010-11)

    ** Slim version planned for production in Q1 2011

    *** Touchscreen integration uses as-is processes for standard LCD

    In Development:

    7" screen for availibility in H1-2011

    7" samples for CES 2011 possible

    ....Final spec. in development now....

    For more information on these or other products including detailed specification, pricing and availability contact: [email protected].

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    Cool. Can't wait.

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