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Thread: Ban on Auto Apps? Serisously, people actually want to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blk02si View Post
    I am also a firm, FIRM believer that many of the traffic accidents, along with the miserable fuel mileage we get, is because of how our roads are designed and operate. Imagine a road system where, once you started your trip, one could continue on without fully stopping. If I had to build a infrastructure from scratch any and all intersections would be mandatory round-a-bouts, or cloverleafs. Traffic signals and stop signs would be banned. I truly believe the design of the road system is more at fault for many of the items blamed on "apps"
    I agree with the Round-A-Bout idea. I lived in the UK for 4 years, and that "system" is awesome! Here in San Antonio the Licensing "Classes" should defiantly be enforced! I'm not bragging or anything, but I have been to 28 different countries on my own in my life, and I can honestly that San Antonio has the worst driving habits I have ever seen! Most of this is do to the horrible planning of the road systems here.

    As far as my 2 cents on the whole electronics banning thing, I believe texting and dialing a phone manually should be banned. If you have voice recognition, only hands free dialing/talking capabilities should be allowed. Neither are banned here and the are a ton of accidents each day due to this.

    Would i stop texting while driving if enforced....nope cause i believe rules are made to be broken hence the CEH

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    The simulator idea has quite a bit of merit but would be too difficult/expensive to implement anytime soon. However, perhaps in the future, when you renew your driver's license, you would be given not a 'test' but instead some training.

    Like a flight simulator, the test would present you with several driving challenges, including one where you are driven to distraction, perhaps by a ringing cell phone you are asked to answer or a dash light and a sputtering engine that occurs just as a challenging driving situation occurs.

    Rather than being intended to filter people out, it would instead inform and educate people about hazards. Even if you epic fail and do the exact wrong thing, the instructor would discuss with you the things you could have done to improve your performance.

    Pipe dream, of course. Governments can't be trusted to provide positive reinforcement and actual driving education. Instead, it would evolve into a skills based test and punishment system. The lawsuits claiming that it was discriminatory due to the choice of the situations would keep lawyers in business for decades.
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    I think the simulator is the way to go. I doubt it would cost more than about two TWO brand new police cars. Of course, two cruisers = ticket revenue; simulators = less traffic infractions because it means/requires better training.

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