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Thread: GM responds (slowly!) to the competition

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    GM responds (slowly!) to the competition

    After taking the technological lead with the Onstar system a few years ago, GM has let its lead in the connected car world diminish with the slow updating of the product. Recently, however, a few things have been shown off that might give back the General some of its edge in the race:

    Here's an announcement about some of the things it has planned for Onstar upgrades in the future.

    Over on Facebook, the Volt team post some screenshots from the Driver Information Display. I'm not sure how to do an external link to the album from outside, but I think you can go to, and navigate from there to the photos.

    Lastly, there's a Crunchgear article on the Volt, focusing specifically on the driver interface.

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    I couldnt find the pictures, but I did find the pictures of the OPEL version of the Volt and it looks 100 times better then the Chevy version. GM is still not understanding that Americans want Euro styled cars. So not only are they moving slowly on the connected car aspect, but also on looks department as well.
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