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Thread: The Road to Know Where: Design for Navigation

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    The Road to Know Where: Design for Navigation

    An interesting article on GPS interfaces. I believe the basic information here is applicable to just about any software interface.

    Once you have the basics down, why not tinker with the visuals to differentiate your product/brand from others?

    AIGA:The Road to Know Where: Design for Navigation

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    Love that article Penzance, it really does show the difference between a functional nav unit, and a fantastic nav unit.

    This is surely somewhere that PC based GPS could differentiate from others, with the extra processing power, but the problem we face is that we are too small a market for companies to worry about.

    I just wish we could get turn previews and proper 3d layouts in Garmin Mobile PC or destinator like we can get in half of the 200 buck PND units floating out around the market these days.

    Hell, if we could get access to a proper API for Garmin, including a way to customise the map display, imagine what some of the really talented skinners and designers on this forum could come up with?

    Let the companies come up with the navigation engine....let the community handle the design and integration, and we would REALLY be able to show what a carPC can do for in car navigation.

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