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Thread: "Car PC's" For tThe Masses

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    "Car PC's" For tThe Masses

    Tired of building your own?

    OE Styled Multimedia / Nav Systems Now Shipping

    Thursday, March 10, 2011 -- HAUPPAUGE, NY – MARCH 8, 2011 – Audiovox Corporation (NASDAQ: VOXX) today announced that 8 new models of their OE Sound Solution systems are now shipping to expeditors and new car dealers. These replacement infotainment centers are feature rich giving the customer the high quality options they want without the additional cost of unwanted vehicle packages.

    “These new infotainment systems expand on the Company’s existing OE replacement radio line and add head units compatible with multiple VW and GM models, Honda, Hyundai, and Toyota,” said Tom Malone, President of Audiovox Electronics. “These radios provide the car dealer viable alternatives to factory installed systems and deliver increased profit opportunities. For the consumer, they eliminate the need to buy an accessory package that might include unwanted options when all they really want is the radio upgrade….and the cost of the radio upgrade can be included in the vehicle’s monthly payments. In addition, these heads unit also come with a 3-year warranty so it is a win all around for both the dealer and the consumer.”

    Where many competitive OE styled solutions offer limited capabilities, the new Advent products come with some of the most sought after consumer features like built-in Navigation with Navteq US/Canada maps, turn-by-turn voice guidance in 19 languages, 11 million POIs with 3D Screens. There is also built-in Parrot Bluetooth with external microphone, hi-res touch screen displays (7” and 8” depending on model), Made for iPhone and iPod, XM –ready, rear-view camera with “Instant-on” technology as well as MediaLink interface modules with USB input that also allows video from an iPod or iPhone (optional cable required) and a 3-year warranty.

    Malone concluded. “The new car market in the US appears to be turning the corner and all industry estimates point to continued improvements. Consumer demand is crystal clear. Car owners want connectivity. They've invested billions in personal media devices and other electronic technologies and gadgetry, and they want it all to connect – without care or hassle – when traveling in their cars. We believe our OE sound solutions provide the dealer with consumer desired options that present profit opportunities….a win, win,” Malone concluded.

    For more information on Audiovox’s OE Mobile Entertainment product line and vehicle application guides please visit:
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    I've said it once, and I'll say it again. The same group of people that came to this hobby for the "nifty" factor, and because it's a fad, will go on to that. The same people that were here because we actually enjoy the hobby will still be here once they leave. OEM devices will never compare in features and expandability to the user-installed device.
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    Some OEM devices can suit the end user very well, however, I'm not sure how successful this venture will be... I'd imagine these will be very expensive options to add but that may not stop people from doing it.

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    This is getting closer, Iphone Audio/Video Integration. Once you can have complete Mobile phone integration including controlling apps and seeing what your phone sees on the Car's monitor in a high resolution...then ill wave the white flag.....maybe.
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    Some equipment OEM to install on your end-users, but I do not know how successful this project ... I think it is very expensive to increase capacity, but can not stop people doing it...So you Will Do....good wishes.

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