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Thread: Do you feel like our community is being watched by the "Big Guys"? Hello "OpenXC"

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    Do you feel like our community is being watched by the "Big Guys"? Hello "OpenXC"

    My 2007 Ford F350 Work Log located HERE

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    i sometimes get the impression that they only view this forum for a good laugh.... the amount of money and smarts that they have to throw around to solve problems is insane..

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    They also have a lot of constraints though: consumer age/familiarity with tech (what's the internets? tubes of Pandora?), partners, lawyers, bean counters. I bet that those 4 take 80% of resources, especially money. Then comes the fact that either they start coding from scratch (time debugging/testing), with hardware that's already obsolete by some standards.

    So yeah, I doubt I'll be very much impressed given all that. The end result will be crippled, compared to my own system. Can't see why not, unless they surprise me and we start seing Ford and what not also going into cell phone business or tablets (since they're *that* good at innovating). More likely, in 10 years most cars will be less flexible/capable than a current Android Tablet, or Samsung Galaxy SII.

    What we don't have is money to get the sdks, and internal codes (can bus, iPhone), and access and all that that only big manufactures have - how can Infiniti display Album art via BT? Simples, pay (to give a simple example). How cold my phone mute the radio during nav instructions? With that kind of knowledge, our community would be unstoppable.

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