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Thread: Ford Sync will add a new app.

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    Post Ford Sync will add a new app.

    from CNET's cartech blog today:

    Location-based deals app wins on Ford Sync

    By: Wayne Cunningham September 16, 2011 4:38 PM PDT

    A new company developing location-based coupon systems won Ford's contest to integrate an app with Sync at the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon. Developers from Roximity spent last weekend adapting their app to use Sync's voice command and display capabilities, making its service available in thecar. Ford announced the winner of its contest this week.

    Roximity is currently operating under the radar, with only a coming soon sign on its Web site. The company will offer coupons based on a user's location, through either a smartphone app or, as the Ford development indicates, a car.

    Roximity's system could offer you a deal on a Frappuccino as you walk by a Starbucks, for example. Or, with Sync, offer a discounted car wash as you approach a service station.

    This type of integration between a car and its immediate surroundings has previously been considered by developers working on vehicle to infrastructure communications, although that initiative currently focuses on driver safety technologies.

    As a tangible prize, Ford will bring the Roximity developers toCES next January to show off the app integration.

    Read more:
    My 2007 Ford F350 Work Log located HERE

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    Very cool, I like that.

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    If I dig around a bit, I could probably show you a version of the GoogleSearch plugin I did about 18 months ago that did the same thing. The technology is trivial, it's the marketing that will make or break the deal. Who goes out and pounds the streets to get a business to pay to have their coupons made available in the system (just like stores pay to have their coupons printed inthe newspaper)? With the economy the way it is, and budgets tight, it's not necessarily going to be an "easy" sell to get businesses to do this.

    As for how "cool' it is, I'm not sure I really need more advertising popping up on my phone, tablet or carPC. But I suppose it's inevitable. Just don't be surprised when you have to listen to ads in between drivings directions or watch a brief sales pitch before your AC will turn on. You know it's coming.....


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    I don't think this is like advertising, popping up everywhere. If it is, I suspect it will fail, just like the ads on GPS units, they're very unpopular.

    I think its a feature, that you ca turn on/off as you please. Stores only would pay if you have actually use that coupon. I think it's cool because Saturday I just missed a staples coupon (200 off a Playbook) while I was parked right next to it at the kids ballet. I have a couple of apps on the iPhone that was supposed to do that, but the iPhone notification system sucks.

    I have yet to see ANY carputer front end with proper notifications. I had hopes for logo dashboard for CF but I think it's harder than I think.

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    sounds interesting, though, it sounds like one of those things i would use a couple times, and then realise that none of the adds apply to me...

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