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Thread: Cadillac XTS 12" LCD Gauges + 8" Multitouch Screen.

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    Cadillac XTS 12" LCD Gauges + 8" Multitouch Screen.


    It's called the Cadillac User Experience, or CUE, and it doesn't just take a step forward, it looks like it might leap-frog the entire luxury infotainment marketplace.

    The main interface area for CUE is an 8-inch LCD touch screen, seamlessly and gorgeously integrated into the top of the central instrument panel above a motorized fully capacitive faceplate that looks eerily similar to the Vertu Signature cell phone.

    We're told that the screen uses proximity sensing, so as your hand approaches the LCD screen, command icons appear as if by magic icons can be customized and arranged any way you see fit all by iOS-like drag-and-drop.

    Not only is the screen able to sense your hand, but your hand will sense the screen. The buttons on the fully capacitive faceplate pulse when pressed. Yes, that's right haptic feedback, baby.

    The screen's also multi-touch hand gesture-enabled just like an iPhone or iPad.

    But that's not the only screen there's also a 12.3-inch LCD reconfigurable gauge cluster just like the one found on the Chevy Volt, only infinitely cooler and darker-looking.

    The entire system runs on an ARM 11 3-core processor offering, as GM says, "3.5 times more processing power than current infotainment systems."

    The transitions are amazing. Definitely GPU accelerated. That is something we should be investing on around here. Hopefully OM or RR will deliver that, and my bet is, CF would be the last one in that race, if even competes. They should, I'm not sure what OEM vendor would chose CF over this...

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    Some screen captures:

    Name:  XTS 1.PNG
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    Name:  XTS 2.PNG
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Size:  206.8 KBName:  XTS 3.PNG
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Size:  148.9 KBName:  XTS 4.PNG
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    Very cool, Um, I suspect CF is not involved in this?
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    That would be a safe guess.

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    159 has their own (not the official 'trailer') video here.

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    i'm actually surprised its legal for them to use this setup with gestures and all. It requires more use of the screen and less of the hardware buttons. Gotta love that interface though, and its amazing to me that an embedded processor can manage stuff like that but a dual core full blown PC cant. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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    It's called lots of R&D $$$, which we know they have lots of.
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