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Thread: The future of in car android setups?

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    The future of in car android setups?

    Qualcomm Atheros has already introduced a standard called Wi-fi direct which allows two devices to establish a wifi connection without a router. On top of that only one of the devices has to be wifi-direct enabled. At CES they announced wi-fi display which allows for one display to be mirrored to another over this wifi direct connection. It's like bluetooth but wayyy faster (should replace bluetooth altogether)

    Wi-Fi Display is an industry standard devised by members of the Wi-Fi Alliance that enables sharing of the screen image or audio content of one device simultaneously on another nearby device, including simple and secure device discovery and pairing. For example, the Web page appearing on a computer screen can be shared on the screen of a nearby enabled TV. A typical use case could enable content on one smartphone screen to be shared with a nearby media tablet.

    Read more here:

    my thinking is this android tablet in dash, and phone in your pocket. You could send your phone screen over the connection to the monitor, then using a simple bluetooth app (or wifi direct app) make it so that input on your tablet is sent to the phone (kind of like an external mouse). I think this is so simple and perfect. Sounds like bad news for the mimics team though.

    Oh and just to let you know how close I think it really is (but what do i know); The google nexus is equiped with wifi-direct. And as I mentioned before, only one of the 2 paired devices need to be wifi-direct enabled.

    Let me know what you think
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    This is just what I have been looking for- Asus eee Pad mounted on the dash- HTC Thunderbolt on my belt= Control the Thunderbolt through the tablet. Will be interested in where this goes!


    Edit: Link in post above does not work... and we were so close...
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    Sorry. updated first post with newer and more relevant links.

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    can't see how wifi direct would replace bluetooth... bluetooth has short range for security reasons. There's also the whole discovery and profile specifications that wifi doesn't have...
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    This is true. And it may not replace bluetooth altogether. However, I believe that wifi direct does use some sort of profile and discovery protocols.

    Here is a video that I believe is using the wifi direct display capabilities, although it does not say it directly. I have a feeling it is because I know qualcomm developed there chip to be used with TI's omap4 processers:

    And I should add that when I originally made the post I was more focused on the carpc aspect rather than the replacing bluetooth aspect. I'm excited about it, I think it has a lot of potential.

    edit: watched the video again and the annoying lady does indeed say that it is using wifi direct/display.
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    here's also the whole discovery and profile specifications .

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    Just a thought is the most intuitive way of connecting in the car will become the standard.

    Wi Fi does have security issues, blue tooth is a power drainer (on my phone anyway)

    It will come out in the wash at some point.


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