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Thread: Project Detroit / Micro-Stang

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    Project Detroit / Micro-Stang

    Hey guys,
    I just read an article about the so called "Project Detroit" which is about a Windows 8 System in a Ford Mustang.
    Even though it might be just a merchandising-coup of Microsoft, it still was a great job by Westcoast Customs.
    showing what is already possible in CarInfotainment, it might give us some new ideas for our Setups.

    here are the details:

    sorry I only found this short teaser:

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    There's a lot more information available here: Project Detroit: An Overview

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    Looks pretty cool. Let's get mp3Car to fund a project to do the same thing. I'll volunteer to garage the Mustang until everythings done Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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