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Thread: MIMO DREAMPLUG as a car pc?

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    MIMO DREAMPLUG as a car pc?

    I am a complete newbie to the car pc world and was looking into alternatives to the standard pc and came across this:

    Hooked up to a touchscreen monitor from the same site and an esata hard drive or a bigger sd card does it seem like a logical choice for a car pc?

    any info would be great .

    thanks a lot

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    They're not bad, but the very high entry price, combined with being ARM so eliminating the windows market makes it more useful as an always-on embedded device than a normal carpc. A couple members here actually use the original Sheeva Plug in their cars, and the low power usage is very nice for extended periods of sitting.
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    interesting i just mentioned it because there a guy selling one and a touchscreen at a very good price and it looked good.

    The other choice was the whole android phone concept linked to a touchscreen display which was lovely but my new htc sensation xl doesnt have the hdmi mirroring ..... wtf 0__o
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