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Thread: Top corner icons not reflecting status

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    Top corner icons not reflecting status


    With the Nexus skin I'm using, the upper right hand corner by the time and date, there's status button for battery, WiFi, WiFi signal meter, and a headset icon. The only thing that's working is the WiFi icon if it found a network and connected to it. The battery is not reflecting the charge state. And the WiFi meter never show anything.

    I don't have anything bluetooth connected so I can't comment on the headset.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    P.S. I'm using a Fujitsu Tablet 600MHz, it's quite old but it runs fine with Centrafuse so far.

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    the meter, headset, and battery is for mobile not for WiFi
    We Exist because there is no patch for human Stupidity !!

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    That explains it, thank you very much.

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