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    Is there any date known as to when iTunes protected files should be supported? I have to say, this is the single ONLY reason that I am not buying the software yet. Thanks.

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    And that its not available for purchase yet!

    Ive been hoping for the same thing. Pretty much 80% of my music is iTunes copyrighted files. The only way to transfer this to something CF can read is to burn them all to CD's and import them one by one into CF.

    Hoping for something like this soon, but now that I think about it, can ANY program other than itunes play itunes songs?

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    Currently the only way that Apple supports for playing iTunes songs (or songs on an ipod) on a windows PC is to use iTunes. There is an sdk for iTunes, but basically the iTunes app is running and the sdk just allows another program to programatically control it.

    Rather than getting CF to support itunes songs, it'd be better to just make CF support driving iTunes through a plugin so that it could run any ipods currently connected.

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    Agreed. It just sucks that almost all of my music is protected...

    Maybe someday, doubt they'll write that plugin, but who knows. Maybe someone else has the knowhow and is interested!

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    Good news for those that buy music from Itunes they are offering DRM-Free music for 20 cents more..

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    From my understanding, the quality of iTunes music (at least before this new DRM version) is low grade anyway. I wouldn't trust a single iTunes download, but that's me, and I'm a bit of an audiophile.
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    Hey everyone, just an FYI. I got this software called NoteBurner, it is a "Virtual" CD Burner, and what it does is actually tricks iTunes into burning the wav files to the virtual drive, then the vdrive does the wav-to-mp3 encoding. So you skip the part about having to burn the disc (and wasting it) and then ripping it back into mp3's. This software is great! And it's LEGAL! I converted all 700 of my protected files into UNPROTECTED MP3's, in, oh, about 5-6 hours. It was $35 and worth every penny... Hope that is good news for some of you...

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    Yup, not a bad option, but I have about 1500 DRM songs.

    Also, Im an audiophile myself, and I think iTunes quality is superb...but, its just me.

    The problem with the extra $.30 per song to get DRM free, is that it doesnt seem like you can UN-protect your current songs, Id have to buy it all again.

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