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Thread: Feature request (GPS & ODBII unite!)

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    Lightbulb Feature request (GPS & ODBII unite!)


    I know there are some bugs yet with the ODBII, but I witnessed something in my dad's new GMC Yukon this weekend that would be cool to add into CF if possible.

    While driving, we ran low on fuel...but instead of just hearing the "ding" and having the fuel light go on, the GPS screen actually popped up a message stating that we were low on fuel and asked if we wanted to drive to the nearest gas station. We were then presented with a list of the nearest gas stations and given the ability to pick one and be directed right to it.

    Could you integrate the ODBII and GPS on CF to do something like this? I figure it could also be useful if you get a check engine could be re-directed to the nearest service station, etc.

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    Great idea!

    Or even direct you to the nearest gas station of your preference (preset preference of what brand of gas station you prefer - I know I won't go to anything other than Chevron, Shell or Texaco)
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    Interesting idea... One thing is that it couldn't be implemented on all vehicles, it would depend on what PIDs (data) the specific OBDII interface provided. Ideally you'd need fuel level, but you'd also be able to figure it out if OBD provided fuel consumption and you pre-loaded your tank capacity.

    fwiw, on my truck, you wouldn't be able to do anything.
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    not a bad idea...

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    This isn't as easy as it sounds; not ALL OBD2 systems monitor fuel consumption or fuel amount that is left in the tank. In your case, I HIGHLY doubt this has anything to do with the OBD2 interface but is probably a proprietary IP-Bus interface between the GM navigation system and the ECU.

    That said - I may be wrong so take it with a grain of salt - but it does makes sense...

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    You know what an even greater idea for OBD-2 is ? to display boost as PSI not in Hg or other obscure units.

    Back to what you are talking about...Microsoft Streets and Trips used to do that (maybe it still does). YOu enetered fuel economy of the car, driving speeds (obviously these two parameters correlate), fuel price, number of hours you wanna drive in the day and departure and end of driving time, and it spitted out an itinerary that included cost, refuel times-locations, and where and when to stop for the night etc.

    So maybe a TRIP CALCULATOR would NOT be a bad idea in Centrafuse.

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