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Thread: radio audio problem

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    radio audio problem

    I have installed the hauppauge wintv fm pci card on my carpc. it worked with the radiator program (not the tv but i do not care for the tv) with the included driver. but in centrafuse i cannot adjust the volume with the up-down buttons. I can adjust it only with the windows xp volume and within centrafuse with the line-in control in the mixer-level menu. what i must to do to adjust the radio volume from the up-down volume control in centrafuse?

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    do you have buffering enabled in radio settings?

    If so then you should be able to control it with the master volume in Centrafuse... Make sure when you switch to radio it mutes the line-in in the playback section of the mixer and selects the line-in in the recording section...

    If you are not using buffering and you lower the master volume in the windows mixer does it lower the audio of the radio? It still should, but does give you less control of the volume...

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