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Thread: Reversing Camera - Auto Switch?

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    Reversing Camera - Auto Switch?

    Is it possible to setup a reversing Camera with Centrafuse? If so what hardware is required? and also if so is it possible to setup Centrafuse to automatically switch to the reversing camera as soon as reverse is selected? and then resume the normal function whats its not...

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    I have a ccd infrared camera directly hooked to the X-700tsv on AV2 line and wired to the power wire of my reverse light. So when I get in reverse gear it automatically comes on and the picture is great cause it's a wide angle. I tried to have Centrafuse detect it then remembered it was not directly hooked to carputer. I am looking @ a usb camera for the front that way I can get Centrafuse to recognize it.

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    i remember a day david purpose a solution via parallel port. the hardware part would short two pins of the port with a relay and CF would be able to detect it and switch to reverse camara

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    some screens have a secong AV input, hook the power to the samera vire the reverse light (via relay) and the av to the 2nd input. onthe DW700D i think it will atuo switch to that input when it detects a signal.

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    I have a DWW700M Does anyone know if it will auto switch? I'll have to try it... but it would be nice to know before i have to pull the screen out of my dash...

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    as long as you can detect the reverse and send a hotkey, you can tell Centrafuse to switch to CAM, and when you leave reverse go back to Previous section...

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