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Thread: automatically picking the faster net connection

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    automatically picking the faster net connection

    i intend on using my cell phone's gprs for internet access in my car. however, i was wondering two things. how can i have it automatically connect via the BT modem once I am in the car, and also, how can I have it use a faster wifi connection if one is available? when testing in windows, when i have the 'dialup' bluetooth connection active, it overrides my regular network connection and hence goes very slow. id like to be able to use a faster connection when available. any ideas?

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    We plan to build a WiFi manager plugin soon...

    You would need to disconnect the dialup and then use the WiFi connection...

    If you connect to the internet from Centrafuse you will be able to tell it when to dial and hangup...

    Disable windows auto dial and then setup your connection from Settings/Internet

    Then you can click the red icon in the top right to dial and click the green connected icon to hangup...

    You can also setup auto dial in Centrafuse for Web and Weather...

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    thanks david, i will try it and get back to you. any idea how connecting to the internet via a BT modem to my cellphone would affect Phoco?

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