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Thread: Music playback breakup when detecting WiFi LANs?

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    Music playback breakup when detecting WiFi LANs?


    If I'm listening to music while a WiFi network is being detected, the playback will get pretty much all static and pauses. Once the WiFi card is disabled and all is well.

    Others have similar experience? I'm using 1.12, thanks.

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    Sounds like your Wifi is a resource hog My Nissan Consult software makes a similar thing happen when it is outputting gauge info

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    Doh!! But this is happening to 2 Tablets so far with 3 different WiFi cards. Originally with my Fujitsu tablet, I used a Cisco 350 WiFi card, now with the Asus R2H, either built-in or DLink USB N cards behave the same.

    I'll check the CPU usage when not running CF to see if it spikes up when detecting a WiFi network nearby.


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