Important Notes
  1. uninstall any previous versions of Centrafuse before installing the latest release, unless using the updater
  2. when listening to Radio or XM, voice recognition will not properly work unless you have a USB or Bluetooth microphone, this is due to buffering/recording
  3. when I refer to adding parameters to the application it is best to add it to your desktop shortcut in this format, make sure parameters go outside the quotes: "C:\Documents and Settings\David\Desktop\Centrafuse\centrafuse.exe" -nowarning -nolimit

New Features
  1. extra launch attributes are preserved when using run as shell mode
  2. taskbar is shown if hide task bar is enabled when application is minimized and hidden again when application is restored
  3. added navigation setting for POI phone prefix, which allows you to add a prefix for dialing POI locations, such as a 0 for the UK
  4. OBDII you can now click sensors and disable them to increase refresh rate for enabled sensors
  5. new navigation engine, includes improved routing, updated maps, street names in 3D mode, and more
  6. HQCT radio support
  7. integrated navigation engine options: None, Destinator, or MapPoint 2006
  8. added limitation to not allow the application to be minimized while the car is in motion
  9. added hotkeys for car in motion on/off
  10. audio is muted when using text to speech, including reading an SMS
  11. made CF_textToSpeech method in SDK asynchronous
  12. added CF_Event_speechComplete event to SDK, lets a plugin know when reading of text to speech is complete
  13. added CF_textToSpeechStop method to SDK, stops current text to speech and unmutes audio
  14. added Email client that supports text to speech and quick replies
  15. added GetStation method to radio module interface, it's used to show the station as it changes while seeking
  16. added resolution option to CAM/TV settings
  17. lowered default CAM/TV frame rate and resolution so recording will work on slower machines, raise values to increase quality

Bugs Fixed
  1. fixed problem with some systems hanging during loading and having slow response times, it was an internet detection issue
  2. loading minimize icon working and new minimize icon included in skins
  3. fixed updater not updating on first attempt issue
  4. general settings time zone information refreshed
  5. turning on/off EQ in settings no longer requires a restart of the application
  6. main menu and setup buttons text is properly disabled/enabled from the skin.xml file with the ENABLETEXT flag
  7. when logarithmic and pre as master are both enabled the volume does not adjust the front/main volume
  8. if you disable navigation voice prompts when a voice prompt is in progress, music properly un-mutes
  9. CAM/TV reinitialize on resume from hibernation
  10. OBDII MIL light properly works and reports trouble codes
  11. OBDII reconnects on resume from hibernation/standby
  12. TV plugin properly remembers selected video source
  13. fixed weather plugin link text
  14. fixed radio bugs with flickering RDS information and AM switching
  15. fixed bug with radio not muting when going from radio to external application or plugin set to mute audio
  16. quick launch main title search works properly with multiple albums
  17. my library clears previous quick launch main title searches
  18. music no longer pauses when scanning external devices such as a USB stick or hard drive
  19. network shares are no longer detected as USB devices
  20. fixed "cannot add to current list" bug when adding a location to an avoid road category
  21. fixed "cannot add to current list" bug when adding a location to a trip
  22. fixed GPS voice prompts dialog in navigation settings
  23. if car in motion flag changes, distracting features that were loaded while not in motion are closed