OK, so I've been playing with the new release and almost everything seems to be working. The only issue I'm having right now is with the HQCT.

-Windows discovers the device as a Car Radio device, or something like that, and installs it fine.
-Centrafuse recognizes the device and can change the stations recieved.
-The device is hooked up to my OEM antenna via the SMB to motorolla adapter, and 14ft of extensions.
-The device is ran to my sound card via a 4-pin cd-rom audio cable to the "AUX" input on my sound card
-I'm using the Azuntech HDA X-Plosion.

Now everything seems to be working fine, however, no matter what input "device" I select in CF, I can not get it to pull the audio from the HQCT. I haven't tried some other device plugged into the audio input, but all of the windows settings are good. I also haven't tried any other software radio tuner.

If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.