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Thread: CentraFuge Software Question.

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    Question CentraFuge Software Question.

    Hi guys.
    I had a look @ the Centrafuge software and it looks really nice with alot of support i see.

    My question is: I am from South Africa and we dont get mappoint and destinator maps for here.So that said it means that mappoint and destinator is totally useless for me. Do i still need to buy the Centrafuge GPS Package if i will be using my own GPS navigaiotn software ?

    PLEASE ADVISE ... Thnx
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    If you are not using the navigation you will be able to purchase the SE or XE version...

    Also Destinator does have South African maps... We will not have them in stock initially, but will look to add them as we add more regions...

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    BTW it is Centrafuse

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