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Thread: No internet connection detected?

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    No internet connection detected?

    Okay, I tried the five second search and didn't find anything definitive.

    I'm using a D-Link EV-DO router with my Verizon Broadband card for internet at the moment. I have the card hooked up to an external antenna, and checking the router, I get good signal.

    When CF starts up, the light that shows internet connectivity is green, and all the internet functions work. After a while, however, it turns red, and simply refuses to believe there's an active internet connection.

    Closing CF and opening IE, I can verify that the connection is working.

    How do you force CF into realizing the connection is there?

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    I use a Win32 method to detect internet... I can look to add an override to allow you to say it always has a connection...

    It should detect any DUN or Network adapter with an IP and say there is a connection... It does not actual go out and hit the internet... I tried this at one point but the performance from a constant multi second check on the internet was very bad...

    I have two other internet related issues I plan to look into after this release...

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    Yeah, somethings making it act weird and i'm not sure what. An override would be wonderful, like something to tell if it you have a DUN or a 'LAN' connection.

    I'll see if I can double-check that the system isn't somehow 'dropping' the IP after a few minutes and reacquiring it. I have no idea WHY it would do that, but it's the only thing I can think that might be happening with my hardware.

    The only other thought I have is that since I have a firewire card it might be detecting a lack of true IP on the 1394 adapter? I'll have to see if disabling that will clear up the problem..

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    Hey I got a (similar) Internet connection issue as well.

    CF1.12 was working fine, I was able to get my weather updates and traffic and even surf the web etc. Thursday however, i changed the resolution on my screen and now centrafuse is unable to access the internet. I know...seemingly unrelated but that is the only thing I did. If I exit CF and I fire up Firefox, I can surf to the end of the internet. We are not talking firewalls either because I do not have one enabled for the car pc. Any thoughts ? Internet connection in Centrafuse simply strangely died one day after working like a champ.

    And issue with dropping the connection and reaquiring it either.


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