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Thread: @Veetid. Centrafuse Greek language support...

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    @Veetid. Centrafuse Greek language support...

    Hi folks, congratulations to all for their great work. I have been following this forum as a guest for some time, and this my first post.

    1 question for Veetid (honestly the best CarPC software i have seen).

    Destinator SDK for PC platform fully supported the Greek language since ver.3
    When the company which supports Destinator in Greece released Unicode maps for Ver.5, the software did not have any problem displaying Greek characters in all functions, including the search by City Name which is the most useful when all info you have to navigate is an address.

    Centrafuse had a problem displaying the Greek City names when the map used was unicode from the beginning (using ver.5 SDK).

    So my question is: Isn't this a Centrafuse problem and NOT an SDK problem (which has been proven compatible since ver.5)?


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    the SDK that Destinator sends to Flux does not fully work in Unicode... The bad data you see displayed in Centrafuse navigation is directly received from the Destinator SDK...

    The engineers at Destinator have specifically told me there have been Unicode issues since D3 SDK...

    Nothing for us to fix on our end

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