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Thread: Need CF to control wave volume only (no master volume available)

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    Need CF to control wave volume only (no master volume available)

    I just spent $130 on an E-MU 0202 USB DAC. Once installed, the only volume controls I have are Wave, SW Synth, and CD Player.

    Now when I start CF up the volume isn't changing. It just says 'MIN' like the volume is all the way down. The only way I can change the volume is when I go into the mixer and adjust the 'PRE' slider.

    Is there a way to set the volume to control the wave slider only? That way I can get the volume to work in the main windows of CF? This is really important and if I can't get that done then I will return the DAC I just bought to get my money back.

    Thanks for any input you can give me.

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    change the setting in Centrafuse for use PRE as master and you will control the PRE just like from Mixer with the master controls...

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