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Thread: Centrafuse 1.2 Updater

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    Centrafuse 1.2 Updater

    I keep trying to install the update that is being found be the updater in centrafuse. After the updater installs the update it keeps finding a new update for exactly the same size of 3.30MB i dont know if I am having a installer problem and the update doesnt install or if the update installs and the updater just doesnt see that the update has installed. But everything is working fine. Mostly a heads up for David

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    I had this problem... Make sure that you do _NOT_ click the "OK" button that shows up on the "Downloading Update" dialog box.
    :: Mark

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    this was actually me testing the live updater for a small time on Vista...

    It was an empty update...

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    thanks for the update david thought i might have messed up the install some how.

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