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Thread: Issues with the Released version of CF

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    Issues with the Released version of CF

    I bought the full version of CF at $299 since the promo code was nowhere to be found and I have some issues that I need addressed.

    XM Channel/Song info is still not there. This is a pretty major issue to have in a released product.

    I can't seem to completely remove the pre-existing 1.2 to get the purchased version installed correctly. First it blew up on July 1 and now I have no artists in my library although I see playlists and can play them fine.

    Is there a procedure for removing CF completely including anything in the registry?

    I tried deleting the FluxMedia folder completely and that did not help.



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    you should be able to load Centrafuse and use the Reset License option under Settings...

    Then completly uninstall Centrafuse and delete the folder, and re-install...

    I am working to seperate XM as a plugin that will be seperate on the downloads page.... I already have a developer lined up to completly overhaul this plugin... I agree with releasing with some people having issues, but it is working fine for most all our distributors so it is something small I just can't track down yet...

    I am hiring two new developers within the next weeks to help, I am doing way more than one human should have to do, including flying all over the world

    We will have everything resolved and as fast as possible... I don't sleep trying to get everything ready for you guys/gals...

    We had to go commercial, we had our delivery system ready to ship and I could not delay another launch... We feel the product, even with some known issues, was still better than many initial product versions that other companies sell...

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